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Welcome to the Counseling Program at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. This site is designed as a primary resource to provide students with valuable information about the graduate programs in counseling. Students or prospective students are encouraged to become familiar with the contents of the Student Catalog and Handbooks available online at, under Current Students, Student Forms & Information.

Again, it is important that students become familiar with and adhere to the requirements and policies outlined in the University Catalog and Handbooks, and the Counseling Program Student Handbook. Students are also expected to work closely with their respective advisors. Students are required to complete RMU 101 and, as part of that process, read the Counseling Program Student Handbook and affirm that they understand the responsibilities, policies, and procedures outlined herein. Any questions can be directed to the student’s advisor or the program coordinator.

PLEASE NOTE: The Faculty reserves the right to update this content from time to time as needed.

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