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Vision and Mission


Improve the mental health and lives of our students and communities.

Abbreviated Mission Statement

The Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions Counseling Program trains Counselors to provide high-quality counseling services to those in need.

Comprehensive Mission Statement

To effectively manage the multi-faceted and complex challenges faced in today’s society; individuals require effective maturation in self-concept and personal development, positive adjustment to social, cultural, familial and personal relationships, productive employment skills, and mastery of the cognitive, behavioral and emotional dynamics that permeate the human experience. For this reason, the Counseling Program has as its primary mission the preparation of a diverse group of learners who can competently and ethically implement wellness concepts, psychological principles, developmental understanding and counseling techniques to provide clients with the opportunities to achieve healthy functioning in the areas of educational, personal, social, and career development.

Work within human services demands well-rounded counseling professionals. For this reason, program offerings and extra-curricular activities challenge students to develop professionally, personally, and socially. Graduates of the Counseling Program are prepared to deliver quality service in a variety of professional job placements and are eligible to stand for licensure and/or certification in their respective area of specialty.

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